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Angling (Fishing)

Angling (Sport Fishing)

An art more than a sport. It's a saying amongst the anglers "A bad day at fishing is still better than a good day at Work"



Angling Styles:






Mahaseer & Other fresh water species

End February till Early May and September-October

Fly fishing for mahseer is a game of endless patience and trial with few rules as far as the fish are concerned. The one thing common is the tackle used and regardless of size, it is still tough to land a mahseer on light tackle. Let's not forget some of the finest waters and beats that'll have you unwinding every technique to get to where the fish are. For many mahseer anglers (next best thing to big mahseer), one needs to look at a well-stocked river. Days of bite less frustration may make you throw away the rod and probably sound the guide out for lack of fish but you need to take a look at the fish to be sure they're there and the bite-lessness is just another one of the mahseer's perversions. Small rivers are usually home to more obliging mahseer and if you're fishing on expedition basis, just graduate to a larger one to really feel what a good mahseer does to a single handed fly rod.




Best time: End March till June and End September-October

Trout is found in most of the small mountain rivers across the Himalayan belt. Trout is deceptive in nature and carnivorous by traits. Weather its small rapids or natural pools with covers they are there. Its super fun to catch one on a fly which usually needs some skill to cast in narrow and long spaces. If you are lucky enough a decent sixe brown will surely be obliging you.




Mahaseer & Other fresh water species

Best time: End February till May and then September till end-October




Best time: End March till June and End September-October One of the most exciting fishing technique is spinning that is widely practices to fish for smaller species like trout to world's premier gamefish. This involved using artificial lures like spoons, plugs, fly-spoons. Combined with the water where is found and the necessity of presenting it with bait in the right spot, spinning happens to be the best way of doing it.
There does seem to be some luck involved in spinning - especially if the angler is of the contemplative type. There is much fulfilment in selecting a lure, a patch of water and plying the rod to lure a fish. Best thing about spinning is that anything can happen- a small fish can take a large lure and large hungry predator would bite on a tiny 2" Lure.


Bait Fishing


Best time: generally throughout the year.

The most laid back, surefire way to fish not counting bad luck and to have a true fishing holiday. The biggest fish don't grow big by being silly, especially after they've tasted a plug or two. Of course it's a waiting game and the fish doesn't respect the time you put in.
o Fish for Trout - Kashmir, Himachal, Uttrakhand, Nepal, Sikkim, Arunachal.
o Fish for Mahaseer & Carp - Kashmir, Himachal, Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Nepal, Sikkim, Arunachal. Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka.
o Special Offers to go Sea fishing on Konkan Coast, Andaman's & the Bay of Bengal also available.
o You can bring your own tackle or we will be happy to provide you some on rent.

Contact us for fishing trips, we will tailor make an experience for you.

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