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Safety Rules & Policies

Safety Rules & Policies:

We are an activity outfit, offering our guest & patrons an experience of a lifetime. You have a superb Experience is an assurance & with the same your safety is the prime priority & rests as a bedrock of our foundation and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring the same with best in class safety gear and protocols. While you are with us having fun, these activities are extreme sports. While you are here to enjoy, you are bound to follow and abide by instructions and rules laid down by Himalayan Adrenaline for your own safety.
Our equipment is top of the line and brand new and procured from the world leaders in its category. They are inspected every day and serviced absolutely stringently as per norms and safety parameters.

Rules & Policies:

  • ATV Drivers: Must be of age 16 years or older for Smaller ATV 18 years or older for All categories Weight limit of 120 Kgs or as specified by the ATv manufacturer.
  • ATV Passengers: Must be of age 8 years and older. Depending on the ability of the driver the passenger maybe required to go with a guide. Weight limit of 50 Kgs.
  • We want you to have fun but No excessive speeds while riding is permitted. Rash riding may get your ride curtailed.
  • Strictly no passengers on smaller ATV's. However, in unavoidable circumstances or younger participants (case-to-case basis), rider will ride under the supervision of the experienced guides/instructors.
  • The Operator / Organiser / Track owners / Guides cum Instructors reserve the right to withdraw, stop or refuse any rider who do not comply to the rules and regulations. In such circumstances, there shall be no refund or any kind of dispute.
  • Transportation is not provided. But we are always happy to guide and assist. Big coach/bus may not be able to access the road beyond the highway to our location.
  • Paintball & Archery: Participant must be able to hold the equipment safely and operate it securely & Must be 12 years & above.
  • Camping / Cycling / ClickWalks have no age restrictions, all minors have to be accompanied by parents or appointed guardians or teachers in case of students groups with due approval of school or Institution,
  • Zipline: 5 years to 70 years of age. Weight limit of 110 KG or 260 LB. Please note we need to know in advance for weights that are above 90 Kg.
  • All gears to be worn as instructed.
  • No riding in unapproved areas - designated areas and trails provided by the Operator only.
  • Angling / Fishing - All fishing is on a catch and release basis.
  • We use landing mats and well trained gillies for good handling of fish.
  • Barbless trebles and microbarb single hooks only please. You will have to crimp down the barbs of your hooks, or use our barbless hooks.
  • No more than two trebles on plugs. If your lure has three, we'll insist you to remove the third one in order to avoid damaging the fish.
  • All payment must be finalized prior to the tour in form of Cash / Paytm /   Bank Trasnfers.
  • Its sole discretion of the team & management of Himalayan Adrenaline (Brand Owned by Great Himalayan Adventure Studio Private. Limited.) to allow the prospective participant to undertake any activity.
  • Himalayan Adrenaline (Brand Owned by Great Himalayan Adventure Studio Private. Limited.) has all the rights to modify any service to maintain safety and delivery standards as per sole discretion and decision of its management.
  • All advance bookings will take priority over walk in customers.
  • If at any point any other person is already engaged in an activity you are required to be patient and you would be offered a turn as per the chronological order of reservations.
  • In the rarest case that our equipment is out of order for your advance booking, we would inform you in advance and offer you're a refund & in case you have arrived, we will be happy to offer you're an alternate activity and still try to get you a pleasant experience.
  • Signing of Indemnity Bond [MS1] is a must for each and every one. Still as a our clear disclosure - if you are availing any service from Himalayan Adrenaline onsite or offsite you are automatically bound by the rules, regulations & Policies Including that of the declarations and terms of Indemnity bond.
  • Prices may be changed and the same will be confirmed to you at the time of booking.
  • Government Taxes as applicable will be charged on the final invoice.
  • Instructions will be clearly given to you, they are meant for your safety and wellbeing, All advised gear is always required to be worn without any exception at all the time of the activity till you are advised to remove the same. Any Non adherence or violation of instructions and rules would result in you not being offered the service and your booking will be forfeited.
  • It's a must to come with Photo ID - Aadhar Card / Driving License / Passport / Student ID / Govt. of India Issued card.
  • If anyone is seen or suspected of using or of have used illegal substances or drinking any type of alcoholic beverages before & during the trip or activity, that person will not be allowed to go on the activities / trip any further. There will be no refunds or credits given under any circumstances.
  • All advance booking need to be secured with 100% pre payments.
  • Participant / s are solely responsible for your health and safety & you release Himalayan Adrenaline (Brand Owned by Great Himalayan Adventure Studio Private. Limited.) From any liability for losses that may arise out of participants participation at any event or activities operated or organized by Himalayan Adrenaline (Brand Owned by Great Himalayan Adventure Studio Private. Limited.)
  • All participants should be in reasonable physical condition. If you have a heart condition, back, neck, broken bones or are pregnant, our activities are not for you except walks and Cycling, It will be the sole decision & discretion of Himalayan Adrenaline's team and management to allow anyone on the activities
  • In any case whatsoever decision of the Management of Himalayan Adrenaline a brand owned by Great Himalayan Adventure Studio Pvt Ltd will be final and ultimate.
  • All activities are subject to weather conditions. Any curtailment of service due to weather conditions will be refunded in 15-20 working days.
  • Any partly availed activity or booking will not be refundable.
  • Any damaged caused to the equipment, gear or property in any form will be solely the responsibility of the participant and he/ she will be solely responsible for repairs or replacement and days loss on business of the same as per standards laid by the organiser Himalayan Adrenaline & their decision over the matter will be over and above all and final.
  • Incase any participant engages into any violent, un-parliamentary or unruly behaviour which may lead or be anticipated to cause damage of any sort or any kind of hindrance in operations - Himalayan Adrenaline (Brand Owned by Great Himalayan Adventure Studio Private. Limited.) Has the authority to have him prosecuted and handover him / her to the relevant authorities.
  • Incase of any third party service booked thru us, the sole responsibility of service and delivery will be the responsibility of third party service provider.
  • All disputes that may arise will only be subject to courts of Palampur.