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ClickWalks & Tea Tastings

ClickWalks & Tea Tastings

Himalayan Adrenaline being an unique adventure outfit is blessed to be in middle of Sub urban wilderness in the 'Valley of Gods', if you like walks and have a love fot capturing the magic of flora & fauna you are at the perfect location in the hills of the Kangra Valley. Kangra is known as the Tea Capital of Northern India & the tea gardens of Palampur are the perfect place to witness the vast tea gardens with over 150+ years of heritage. The majestic Dhauladhar mountain range serves the landscape as a backdrop blessing us with some splendid views round the year. There is nothing finer than the Orthodox Kangra tea any time of the day, Fresh, refreshing, while being aromatically tasteful. The climate, the characteristic terrain and soil conditions, and the coolness of the snow clad mountains in Himachal's famous Palampur region; all play a role in crafting a delightfully distinct cup of quality tea. Particularly the first flush with an aroma and flavor that has an unmistakable tinge of fruitiness. The history of Kangra tea dates back to 1849 when Dr. Jameson, then superintendent of the Botanical Tea Gardens, pronounced the region ideal for tea cultivation. Being one of India's smallest tea regions makes Kangra green and black tea all the more exclusive. While the black tea has a sweet lingering after taste, the green tea has a delicate woody aroma. To get you to taste these amazing tea's we are happy to offer you the best tea tasting experience, where you can taste for the best of the best authentic orthodox tea to the finest of organic herbal and fruit blends. The tour takes you thru the estates showing you modern and traditional tea making units while offering you a selection of tea tastings. If you book well in advance you could be lucky to get a tour with the Tea Masters themselves. So book your tour and have some fun...

  • 02 Hrs, - Rs. 300/-
  • 04 Hrs. - Rs 500/-

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